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Re: 80's Party (July 6, 2002 10:34 PM)
Posted by: Jim Huber

Good question...

Some thoughts are getting some 80's movie posters to hang here and there, and maybe getting some 80's memorabilia to place around the rooms or also on the walls. A few people at the Trading Place have some stuff you may be able to buy, if they still have them... I saw Freezy Freakies, vinyl records, and girlie stuff like Care Bears, Monchichis, and so on. Ebay ought to have lots of possibilities. Also, if you can find quality pictures on the web or elsewhere of historical 80's figures or events (lots of each listed here on the site for inspiration, those would be cool).
Hope these help. Of course, decorating yourself in 80's clothing is the most fun... And I also highly recommend the 80's Game. It's not a decoration, but it is perfect for any 80's party.


>We are trying to plan an 80's party for a friend
>who is turning 33. We need some ideas on how to
>decorate...please any suggestions would be
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