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Re: 80's music Video (January 13, 2003 10:13 PM)
Posted by: Jim Huber

Good question... It was Art of Noise's "Close to the Edit". It was bothering me for a bit, but your inquiry forced me to actually hunt it down.


>I have a friend looking for a video but she was
>only like 6 when it was out here is what she
>When MTv first came out I was fascinated with
>this one video. It had a little girl in it who
>was wearing the Norm 80's outfit, and these 2
>guys. I dont remember there being any lyriccs I
>guess it was early electronica? the little girl
>would just go "hey" Prodigy sampled it
>I believe in Firestarter.
>In the video the guys had some sort of goggles on
>and were taking Chainsaws to stuff and at the end
>of the video i htink the girl was using a
>chainsaw to destroy a piano.
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