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Re: Need help with an 80's Toy (November 3, 2007 4:22 PM)
Posted by: Marci Peterson

>As as child, I had this wonderful toy, that now I
>can\\\'t remember. It was a large red seat, like a
>molded plastic bike seat, in the shape of a
>triangle and contoured for a body. There were
>wheels under the two back corners and in front
>there were two wheels attached to a metal bar that
>went from the middle of the bottom of the seat
>that was attached to a pivot, out the front and
>between the legs. The end of that bar had large
>handle bars that wrapped around the sides of the
>seat. You put your feet on the handle bars where
>they connected to the metal bar in front and held
>onto the bars on the side. Then you moved the
>handle bars from side to side and it propelled the
>toy forward. I used to ride it all over the
>place! I never went too fast, but it seemed a
>logical thing to do as I was only five or six. I
>got the toy at the hight of its popularity, so
>that would be around 1985 or 1986. It\\\'s catch
>phrase on the the commercial was, \\\"How does
>it go?!\\\" Thanks!!!
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