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Re: Reagan/Carter poll (October 12, 2001 10:56 PM)
Posted by: Barb Augsdorfer

Yes, the Iranians must have feared Reagan in order to release the hostages so soon after Reagan said, "So help me God."
This was also the reason the liberals tried to pin the mythical "October surprise" on then VP GeorgeHWBush saying that he flew an SR-71 to Paris to make a deal with the Iranians to hold the hostages passed the Nov. 1980 election so Carter/Mondale wouldn't get the boost they needed to possibly win reelection. As I recall, Reagan/Bush was cleaning the Carter/Mondale clock long before Nov. 5, 1980. It was so bad that Carter conceded the election at 5 p.m. PST when the polls were still open on the West Coast, Alaska and Hawaii! What an IDIOT!! (Algore is the same!)
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