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Re: The michael question (March 18, 2002 1:35 PM)
Posted by: Jim Huber

I must say that a few months ago when I posted the question, I really didn't think too much of MJ, especially post-80's (surprise surprise). But I've been watching and listening to more of his songs/videos from the 80's, and I find myself appreciating his work a bit more. "Smooth Criminal" is really good... and still better than the recent remake. The "Thriller" video is still in a class by itself. And where can I get my hands on one of those Beat It jackets with all the zippers? I would only wear it at 80's parties, but it shall be mine.

Rest assured, you won't find me in the crowds of crying fans at his concerts. He's good, but he's not Boston. (Though they are not an 80's group, they are my favorite. Thanks for mentioning them)


>I have to be adamant about this. I don't like
>Michael Jackson at all. I did not watch his
>concert and if he comes on a channel I will change
>it or shut the thing off. There are plenty of
>other music stars that assisted the
>"pop" scene.
>I think that Billy Joel, Elton John, Lionel
>Richie, Stevie Wonder, and Tina Turner made more
>of an impression. Sometimes the world focuses
>more on those who are popular for whatever reason
>and miss the "underdogs" who actually
>broke the ground. Like Boston, Chicago, and such.
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