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Re: Regarding the poll, where is... (May 12, 2002 1:46 PM)
Posted by: Jim Huber

That's what the Forum is for! There were lots of quality shows out there in the 80's but we couldn't list them all, so we chose a group of popular 80's shows of various types. I hope you at least voted for the none-of-the-above choice ("They all stink", I believe)...


>Max Headroom??? Quite possibly one of the single
>most poignant satires of modern living, where
>we're heading as a society, and just how much
>power television really DOES have over the masses
>ever made!
>Sure I loved a lot of other 80's shows (wouldn't
>be here other3wise, now would I?), but come on -
>you just CAN'T leave Max out of the poll! :(
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