Events of 1980

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February 22:Miracle on Ice
Mike Eruzione, on the U.S. hockey team scores the winning goal against the heavily favored Soviet team in the 1980 Winter Olympics.
March 21:U.S. boycotts Moscow Summer Olympics
The United States refuses to participate in 1980 Summer Olympics held in Moscow, because of the Soviet Union's invasion of Afghanistan.
April 24:Iran hostage crisis
A U.S. air raid fails to rescue the hostages when a rescue plane and a helicopter collide in the Iranian desert.
May 18:Mount St. Helens erupts
Long-dormant volcano erupts after a week of smaller volcanoes and earthquakes.
November 4:Ronald Reagan elected as 40th U.S. president
Ronald Reagan (R) defeats incumbent Jimmy Carter (D) in a landslide victory. Reagan wins 489 electoral votes, vs. Carter's 49 electoral votes.
November 20:Who Shot J.R.?
83 million viewers tune in to Dallas learn who shot J.R. Ewing. It's audience size is second only to the final episode of M*A*S*H. (By the way, Sue Ellen's sister, Kristin shot him)
December 8:John Lennon is assassinated
Lennon is shot to death outside his New York City apartment by deranged fan, Mark Chapman.