Events of 1981

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Bill Gates licenses MS-DOS
DMC DeLorean automobile (-1983)
AIDS virus identified
January 20:Ronald Reagan inaugurated
Reagan is sworn in as the 40th President of the United States. His Vice President is George Bush.
January 20:Iran Hostage Crisis ends
After 444 days, Iran releases all 52 American hostages, minutes after Reagan is sworn in as President. (You can debate why in our forum)
March 30:President Reagan is shot
John Hinckley Jr. attempts to assasinate Reagan. Reagan survives and quickly recovers.
May 13:Pope John Paul II shot
Escaped Turkish killer, Mehmet Ali Agca, shoots the Pope, who is waving to the crowds in St. Peter's Square. The Pope undergoes surgery for five hours and survives. By October, John Paul fully recovers.
July 7:Sandra Day O'Connor nominated to Supreme Court
President Reagan nominates O'Connor, making her the first female U.S. Supreme Court Justice.
July 29:Diana and Prince Charles Wedding
August 1:MTV launches
The first 24 hour-a-day music television station is born.
August 3:Air Traffic Controller's Strike
When air traffic controllers illegally strike, President Reagan fires them.
December 13:Martial law declared in Poland (-1983)
After a summer of strikes, the Polish government declares martial law.