Events of 1985

January:"Just Say No"

While discussing drugs at a school in Oakland, California, First Lady Nancy Reagan is asked how to counter peer pressure. She responds, "just say no", and the movement is born.

January 28:"We Are The World" by USA For Africa is recorded

The song, written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie, was recorded to aid famine relief in Africa. 45 artists participated, and the song was a huge hit, raising $50 million.

April 23:New Coke debuts

Coca-Cola replaces its original formula with "New Coke" recipe to compete with Pepsi-Cola. Public outcry quickly develops and the company brings back the original Coke.

May 20:Hear 'n Aid

40 heavy metal artists joined to make a record to raise money for famine relief around the world.

July 13:Live Aid

The all-star rock concert, held in Philadephia and London, raises $70 million for African famine relief.

August:Ryan White barred from school

14 yr. old Ryan is barred from school in Kokomo, Indiana, because he had AIDS. He was finally allowed to return.

September 1:Titanic wreckage found

The Titanic wreckage is discovered on the ocean floor of the North Atlantic.

September 19:Mexico City earthquakes

For two days violent earthquakes strike Mexico City, killing 7,000 people and causing more than $4 billion in damage.

September 22:Farm Aid