May 2001 Poll Results

How Did Reagan's Tax Cuts Affect The Country?

History is repeating it, folks. This time it's going to affect your wallets. Currently, in Washington D.C., there is a debate over tax cuts and whether or not they are good for the country. Both the pro- and anti-tax cut people like to evoke 80s icon, President Ronald Reagan's name. The pro-tax cut crowd say Reagan's economic policies (tax cuts and all) stimulated the economy, creating long lasting economic prosperity. The anti-tax cut crowd say that his policies created huge deficits and the worst economy in 50 years.

So what do you think? It looks like we will be having tax cuts. If the results of Reagan's policies are any indicator, are we all doomed again... or are we all saved again?

Reagan's economic policies stimulated the economy in the 80s 37 (95%)
Reagan's economic policies created big deficits and ruined the economy in the 80s. 1 (3%)
I don't know what Reagan's economic policies effects were on the economy in the 80s, but I'm answering the poll anyway. 1 (3%)
Reagan's economic policies had little effect on the economy in the 80s 0 (0%)

Total votes= 39