August 2001 Poll Results

What have you done or do you plan to do to help the victims of the terrorist attacks?

First and foremost, we wanted to express our support and sympathy for the victims, the families, and volunteers after the cowardly terrorist attack, this week. This tragedy has affected us all. It's made us scared, angry, and sad. It's also united us and reawakened our patriotic and generous American spirit. We have come out in huge numbers to help those who are victims of the unspeakable terror perpetrated earlier this week.

As with every month, we are going to have our poll, but in light of the evil attacks of innocent lives on American soil, we've decided to do it a little differently. This tragedy has brought out the best in us, with crowds of people at hospitals waiting to give blood. People working around the clock to uncover survivors from the debris of the huge buildings that were toppled by evil. Others have given money... The generosity of Americans is incredible. It's beyond comprehension.

Our monthly poll, is not related to the 80s. It's related to the attack and the noble volunteers... This month we are asking "What have you done or do you plan to do to help the victims of the terrorist attacks?" The purpose of this poll is to encourage you to show your support and encourage others to make plans to help out.

More than one of the mentioned ways 40% 6 (40%)
Donate money 27% 4 (27%)
Donate blood 20% 3 (20%)
Volunteer to help in some other way 13% 2 (13%)
Nothing   0 (0%)

Total votes= 15