October 2001 Poll Results

Why Did Iran Really Release the Hostages as Reagan Was Sworn In As President?

A month later, the terrorist attacks continues to cast a shadow over in the United States, but we are all starting to move on with life as normal. In keeping up with our general formula of basing the 80s poll on recent events, we are going with a poll loosely regarding terrorism of the early 80s. Instead of focusing on the atrocities, themselves, we are focusing on the end of one and on our favorite president, Ronald Reagan. Over 20 years ago, Iran released 52 Americans who had been held hostage for more than 14 months, mere minutes after Reagan was sworn in as President. Coincidence or deliberate? This month's poll asks if the timing of their release was deliberate or coincidental. That is, does outgoing president, Jimmy Carter, deserves credit for negotiating their release, or did the Iranians fear Reagan's toughness on terrorism? Or was it something else? What do you think?

No coincidence. Iran feared Reagan's toughness. 67% 16 (67%)
Possibly as coincidence. It was a combination of several factors. 13% 3 (13%)
No coincidence. It was Iran's final slap in Carter's face to deny him credit. 8% 2 (8%)
I don't know. I just wanted to participate in a poll. 8% 2 (8%)
Coincidence. Carter's negotiations paid off after he could claim credit. 4% 1 (4%)

Total votes= 24