November 2001 Poll Results

Is Michael Jackson still the King of Pop?

On CBS was Michael Jackson's 30th Year Anniversary. The overflowing crowd went wildas he donned his famous glove and performed his classics. Perhaps we are in an 80s time warp, but we say Jackson's best stuff was clearly from the 80s - Thriller, Beat It, Bad, and so on. We can't even name any of his songs from the mid to late 90's! Added to seemingly diminished popularity were a variety of rumors and scandals that tarnished his reputation. Yet the huge crowd there loved him. So maybe you can settle this for us...

Yes. He's still the King of Pop 38% 8 (38%)
No. His reign is over. 33% 7 (33%)
He never was the King of Pop and he still isn't. 29% 6 (29%)
He never was the King of Pop, but he is now.   0 (0%)
I have no idea, and I thought you should know.   0 (0%)

Total votes = 21