80's Retro Club

December 2001 Poll Results

What was your favorite 80's holiday gift?

With everyone rushing around, doing their gift shopping, we started thinking about gifts from the 80's. We decided to pick out a few popular things from the decade that many of you may have received as gifts. We'd like to know what 80's holiday gift was your favorite?

Atari 2600 (or other home video game system) 31% 5 (31%)
Cabbage Patch Kid dolls 25% 4 (25%)
Trivial Pursuit board game 13% 2 (13%)
Rubik's Cube 13% 2 (13%)
Transformers 13% 2 (13%)
Michael Jackson's Thriller 6% 1 (6%)
I didn't get any of those, if anything   0 (0%)
I hated each and every one of my gifts in the 80's   0 (0%)

Total votes = 16