January 2002 Poll Results

Are the Smurfs really Communists?

Someone humorously asked in our forum if the Smurfs were "Happy elves or Communist Propaganda"? It has actually already been seriously analyzed, but now it's your turn.

A few examples of the argument are:

  • like a communist/socialist utopia, all Smurfs are the same and all property is owned collectively not individually.
  • Gargamel is said to represent capitalism, because he is greedy and ruthless, and he wants to eat the tiny Smurfs, perhaps to devour/destroy socialism (Smurfs).
For more, you can read the full article. (Careful! The author is a communist)

Maybe. It's a compelling theory with good points, but I'm not quite convinced. 54% 7 (54%)
Yes. The Smurfs were Commies. 31% 4 (31%)
No. The Smurfs are just Smurfs. 15% 2 (15%)
I don't know. I just wanted to enjoy my freedom to vote.   0 (0%)

Total votes = 13