April 2002 Poll Results

Should Spielberg have removed guns from E.T.?

For its 20th anniversary, E.T. was re-released in theaters on March 20. Among some minor changes, Spielberg also digitally replaced the guns carried by the government agents pursuing E.T. with walkie-talkies. So, we wondered if you believed guns have no place in the movie, or this is just political correctness gone too far.

This is a ridiculous example of politically correct anti-gun hysteria gone too far. 73% 8 (73%)
It doesn't matter. E.T. phone home! 18% 2 (18%)
Government officials with guns to chase children and aliens is excessive and sends a bad message. 9% 1 (9%)
I don't know. It would not be politically correct of me to decide.   0 (0%)

Total votes = 11