July 2002 Poll Results

Which was the coolest car of the 80s?

A few weeks ago our webmaster, Jim, went on a road trip to Texas. Stuck in a car for a week, it seemed only natural to him that this month's poll topic be about cars of the 80s... the awesome ones! The 80s gave our culture some of the coolest vehicles ever, but what car was the coolest?

Time-traveling DeLorean (from Back to the Future) 54% 7 (54%)
KITT (from Knight Rider) 23% 3 (23%)
The Batmobile (from 1989's Batman) 15% 2 (15%)
None of them. I can't drive 55. 8% 1 (8%)
The ECTO-1 (from Ghostbusters)   0 (0%)
ZZ Top's Eliminator   0 (0%)

Total votes = 13