October 2003 Poll Results

What 80s actor should replace your governor?

On October 7, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has a long list of big movies from the 80s, was elected Governor in the California Recall Election. Gary Coleman came eighth. Just goes to show the electoral strength of 80s actors. So if you can recall your state's governor (again?), which 80s actor would you elect?

Chevy Chase 22% 22%
I don't know. Does Ronald Reagan count as an 80s actor? 22% 22%
Scott Baio 11% 11%
Michael J. Fox 11% 11%
Paul Hogan ("Crocodile Dundee") 11% 11%
Marc Singer ("Beastmaster") 11% 11%
Tina Yothers 11% 11%
Larry Hagman   0%
Shelley Long   0%
Joe Piscopo   0%
Mr. T   0%

Total votes = 9