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Welcome to the From the 80s Discussion Forum. We're organizing these discussions into categories, but it's a work in progress. Have fun debating and discussing the 80s with your fellow 80s fan.

80's Talk
Discuss and ponder all that is and was 80's.
From the 80's Poll discussions
Discuss the topics of our past and present monthly polls.
The 80's vs. today (and any other decade)
What did you like better? Which time would you rather live in? How do the 80's compare to now and other decades?
Those '80s Shows
That '80s Show may be cancelled, but the legacy of the decade lives on today with other nostalgic 80's shows. Discuss T8S and other current 80's shows here.
Looking for 80's help?
Have a question about something from the 80's? Stop by here to get some help and to give some.