Events of 1988

Willie Horton ads

Issue advocacy group runs controversial ads about a black, convicted murderer, Horton, furloughed by Gov. Dukakis.

November 3:Geraldo's nose gets broken on his show

When a fight breaks between white supremacists and black activist, Roy Innis, Geraldo's nose gets in the way of a flying chair.

November 8:George Bush elected as 41st U.S. president

After serving eight years as Reagan's Vice President, George Bush (R) defeats Gov. Michael Dukakis (D). Bush wins 426 electoral votes, vs. Dukakis' 111 electoral votes.

December 21:Pan Am Flight 103 explodes

Pam Am 103, flying from London to New York City, crashes into the village of Lockerbie, Scotland, when a bomb explodes. 260 people are killed.