July 2001 Poll Results

How did Reagan make us so proud of the United States in the 80s?

We Americans recently celebrated Independence Day - we got all patriotic and felt proud of this great country of ours... Kinda like the 80s! But why were we so proud to be Americans back then? Well, we can't help but look to the man at the top - President Reagan and his crusade to make America great again. Yup, it's another Reagan poll! What about Reagan and the 80s made us so proud? There are some good choices, that even we're having a tough time deciding which is the best.

Reagan's unyielding reverence for this country and the capability of its people was contagious. 20 (61%)
Reagan rebuilt our military capability and, thus, restored our position in world leadership. 7 (21%)
Reagan presided over a great economy (for which we've agreed he gets credit). 3 (9%)
Reagan's hard-line opposition to communism/Soviet Union 1 (3%)
After Watergate, Vietnam, and a miserable economy, Reagan couldn't make us feel any worse. 1 (3%)
Reagan had no effect, as national pride remained unchanged since the 70's. 1 (3%)
Reagan was lucky to be President during patriotic anniversaries (Statue of the Liberty's 100th anniversary and the Constitution's 200th anniversary). 0 (0%)
Reagan had no effect, though national pride improved or declined. 0 (0%)
Reagan hurt national pride. 0 (0%)

Total votes= 33