Who we are

Jim Huber

Jim is the main person behind the site. He designs all the graphics, programming, adds most of the content, toils for and manages this site. He gets very little for the site, except satisfaction of preserving the memories of the 80s.

Jim is a web designer (surprise) in Virginia. Jim was 6 in 1980, but still recalls independent candidate John Anderson getting zero electoral votes in the presidential election. Jim also does political cartoons and a humor web site worth checking out.


Bill is the music master. When the site became too unwieldy for one person to do on his own, Jim sought out the expertise of Bill. He's gotten paid even less than Jim for his hard work, but when he does get paid it's in the form of food.

Bill is some computer whiz in Maryland. Bill makes music under the name "Heurisitics Inc.", and is a member of the groups Brainpipe and Tapegerm.


Larry is Jim's best foot soldier. When Jim needs something, Larry goes off and finds what he needs and a lot more (mwhahahahaha). Those pictures on the category index pages are greatly to his credit. Larry has also been instrumental in verifying information too. He also goes unpaid.

Larry is a network engineer from New York, and is on his way to being a talented web developer and computer graphics artist. He also ran as a vice-presidential candidate in the 2000 elections..