Trading Place: Frequently Asked Questions

The Trading Place is fairly easy to use, but just in case something is unclear, these questions and answers may help:

Q: How do I post my own ad?

A: On each page in the Trading Place, you'll find a link that says "Submit Your Ad". Click on it and fill out the boxes to post your ad. First you have to be registered in the free "80s Retro Club". There are links to help you log in and register.

Q: Why do I have join the 80s Retro Club first?

A: This way we can keep your login info and profile on file so that only you can modify/delete your ads, and so your e-mail address isn't automatically displayed for spammers to put on their mailing lists.

Q: How do I modify or delete my ad?

A: Find your ad in the appropriate section (wanted or for sale ads). Next to the subject and date are links to modify or delete. Click on the appropriate link and fill out the info required. You will need to log in with your Retro Club username and password.

Q: I'm lazy, so why should I bother to delete my ad when I'm done?

A: Well, if you want people contacting you over items you don't have or want anymore, that's up to you. It would also be an act of good citizenship by helping the folks who put this together for your free use.

Q: How do I contact someone about their ad, if you don't put their e-mail address there?

A: Easily. For the appropriate ad, click on the name after "Reply to" to fill out a form with your response. We send that off to them and then they will hopefully respond.

Q: How many ads may I place?

A: So far, as many as you need. If we find people abuse the privilege, this may change. We periodically monitor and clean out excess ads, but overall you have free reign.

Q: How long will my ad remain up there?

A: At least six months, though we reserve the right to change that at any time. Depends on how unwieldy the ads get. For sale ads will probably last longer because fewer people post those ads. In general, you will be alerted to when the ads will be removed.

Q: I still have questions. Now what?

A: If this wasn't helpful, you can