Public Service Announcements

  1. "One To Grow On" ads
  2. "O.G. Readmore" ads
  3. "Emmanuel Lewis anti-sex abuse" ads - "Say No! Go! And Tell!"
  4. "MacGyver anti-drug" ads - "Don't do drugs. Just don't."
  5. "The Bod Squad" ads - "Exercise those Choppers!"
  6. "Be cool, stay in school" ads - ad with penguins
  7. "Ricky Schroeder anti-sex abuse" ads
  8. "We're Not Candy" ads - cartoon singing prescription pills teach us that pills aren't candy. They sang "This is serious. We could make you delirious...We're not candy, even though we look so fine and dandy. When you're sick, we come in handy. But we're not candy!"
  9. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints ads - encouraged moral values to kids
  10. MTV ""RAD" (Rockers Against Drugs) anti-drug" ads
  11. National Crime Prevention Council "Take a Bite Out of Crime" ads - with McGruff, the crime fighting dog. (1980)
  12. Office on Smoking and Health "Nic (a teen), Last of the Red Hot Buttheads" ads - anti-smoking cartoon ad about Nic, a teenaged giant cigarette who was very unpopular because he was cigarette.
  13. Partnership for a Drug-Free America "I learned from watching you, Dad!" ads - After a father finds his son's drugs, he angrily demands to know where he learned to use drugs. The son responds him "I learned from watching you, Dad! I learned it from watching you!" (1987)
  14. Partnership for a Drug-Free America "This is your brain on drugs" ads - Egg=brain. Egg frying in pan=your brain on drugs. "Any questions?"